• Naturally innovative

  • Environmentally Friendly

  • Non Explosive

  • No Noise or Vibrations

  • No Flying Rocks

  • Invovateur naturel

  • Doux pour l'environnement

  • Non-explosif

  • Sans bruit

  • Sans vibration

  • Sans projecttile

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Rock Breaking

Ecobust is an expansive mortar for rock breaking and rock blasting. Ecobust Chemical Rock breaker is easy to use. Ecobust breaks rock according to the drilling pattern. Ecobust is an alternative demolition product and can also be used in conjunction with jackhammers, hydraulic breakers, diamond blade wire sawing, chain saw stone cutters to cut costs, save time, and increase safety. Ecobust is ideal for boulder breaking, rock splitting, rock blasting, rock excavation, boulder buster, stone cutting, rock demolition, no blasting and no licenses needed. Drilling and blasting contractors, demolition contractors, builders, use the product in sensitive demolition areas, such as, schools, hospitals, airports, indoors, where vibration, silica, noise are of concern. Ecobust is also used where heavy equipment cannot be brought in or in tight areas. Ecobust is perfect for rock breaking, silent rock breaking, rock blasting, rock cutting, for all types of rock, big or small. Ecobust demolishes rock for easy removal. There are no explosives, noise, vibration, licenses, or insurance required for Ecobust. Ecobust can be used in trenching, site development, under excavation.

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