• Naturally innovative

  • Environmentally Friendly

  • Non Explosive

  • No Noise or Vibrations

  • No Flying Rocks

  • Invovateur naturel

  • Doux pour l'environnement

  • Non-explosif

  • Sans bruit

  • Sans vibration

  • Sans projecttile

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ECOBUST Expansive Controlled Demolition Agent is the fastest, most powerful and economical of its kind. It is made of a safe, non-toxic powdered mixture of natural minerals that when mixed with water and poured into pre-drilled holes, expands at an incredible force over 20,000 PSI being able to break any strength of rock or concrete.

ECOBUST is used as an alternative to blasting explosives, hydraulic breakers, jack hammering and other conventional methods. ECOBUST is the ideal solution when faced with environmental restraints, noise and vibration restrictions, dust restrictions, productivity demands, or when heavy plant or access is limited.

ECOBUST helps reduce labor costs, increases productivity, saves time and is safe. It is designed for concrete demolition, boulder breaking, rock splitting, stone quarrying, mining, amongst other applications. There is no noise, dust, vibration, fly rock, fumes or any other environmental pollution associated with ECOBUST.

ECOBUST provides controlled demolition of rock and concrete safely and silently. There is no special disposal and no transportation restrictions. The product is non-hazardous; there is no toxic vapors, no toxic waste and no harmful chemicals. The end result is a non-toxic powder that can be simply washed away and is biodegradable, thus reducing any pollution and waste.

WEIGHT: Each box or pail weighs: 44LBs (20Kg) 

CONTENTS: Each box or pail includes 4 bags of 11LBs (5Kg) each

FILLS: consumption is approximately 35 linear feet of 1.5" diameter hole.

No special transportations or disposal required. Safe for ground, ocean and air transport

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