• Naturally innovative

  • Environmentally Friendly

  • Non Explosive

  • No Noise or Vibrations

  • No Flying Rocks

  • Invovateur naturel

  • Doux pour l'environnement

  • Non-explosif

  • Sans bruit

  • Sans vibration

  • Sans projecttile

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back to top Q1. What exactly is ECOBUST?

ECOBUST is a mixture of minerals, mainly calcium oxide, aluminum oxide, iron oxide and silicon dioxide which when mixed with cold water, expands.

back to top Q2. Why should I use ECOBUST?

ECOBUST is used in areas where explosives are not permitted or preferred, confined areas, restrictions including and not limited to dust, noise, vibration. When a more effective method of concrete or rock breaking is preferred compared to conventional methods such as Jack Hammering. Ecobust offers a much less intensive method of breaking concrete increasing productivity and safety. ECOBUST is particularly useful where traditional methods of demolition are not permitted such as residential areas, schools, hospitals and airports. ECOBUST is used to break any type of rock, marble, granite and reinforced concrete in a safe, gentle and environmentally friendly manner without any explosion, noise, vibration, flying rock or toxic vapors. It works cleanly, efficiently and cost effectively and requires NO special training, equipment, licenses, permits or storage requirements.

back to top Q3. When should I use ECOBUST?

Mixing ECOBUST with cold water causes a chemical reaction and like all chemical reactions its speed of operation depends on temperature. Where ambient temperature is fairly constant between day and night, ECOBUST can be used at any time. Where there are large changes in temperature between day and night, best results will be obtained if ECOBUST is used either in the early morning or late afternoon.

back to top Q4. Where should I use ECOBUST?

ECOBUST should be used in a well ventilated area and can be used to fracture any type of rock, marble, granite and reinforced concrete. Areas of use include quarrying and stone dimensioning, demolition, excavating, cutting reinforced concrete, rock breaking and mining. Due to its silent operation, ECOBUST is particularly useful where traditional methods of demolition are not permitted such as residential areas, schools, hospitals and airports.

back to top Q5. What about safety?

ECOBUST works gently and quietly without any explosion, noise or flying debris. Always wear protective safety equipment such as safety glasses, dust mask, gloves and avoid contact with the skin. Do not get in the eyes or on skin or clothing. Do not breathe dust. Keep container closed. Use in a well ventilated area. Wash thoroughly after handling.

In case of:

  • Skin contact – immediately flush with cold water for a minimum of 20 minutes.
  • Eye contacts - remove any contact lenses and then flush with cold water for a minimum of 20 minutes.
  • Inhalation - remove to fresh air and if not breathing give artificial respiration. Give oxygen if breathing is difficult and get medical attention immediately.
  • Ingestion – do not induce vomiting. Never give anything by mouth to an unconscious person. Get medical attention immediately

back to top Q6. Who can use ECOBUST?

ECOBUST can be used by anyone who has read and understood the User's Guide. No special training, equipment, licenses or permits are required.

back to top Q7. How much ECOBUST do I use?

One 44 lb (20kg) box of ECOBUST can fill up to 35 linear feet (10½ m) of 1½ inch (38 mm) diameter holes. ECOBUST comes in a 44 lb (20kg) box.

back to top Q8. What size holes should I drill?

(Please refer toUser's Guide)

back to top Q9. How far apart should I space the holes?

The spacing between holes depends on how hard the rock is. Generally the spacing should be from 8 – 20 inches (200 – 500mm) apart. Closer together the holes the harder the rock. Holes should be drilled 80 to 90% of the depth of the rock. Do NOT drill holes all the way through the rock.

(Please refer to User’s Guide)

back to top Q10. What is a ‘blow-out’ and how do I avoid one?

A 'blow-out' occurs when ECOBUST is forced out of the hole under high pressure. NEVER look directly into the hole and ALWAYS wear safety glasses. To avoid a potential blow-out, pack ECOBUST into the hole using a wooden stick to eliminate any air pockets. Ensure the hole diameter is within the range specified. Holes larger than 2¼ inches (57mm) in diameter are likely to cause a blow-out. Ensure that there is space for the rock to move into during fragmentation and ensure the spacing between holes is not too large. Use only the recommended amount of water and refer to temperature chart.

back to top Q11. How long does it take for Ecobust to work?

Just like all chemical reactions, the speed of which Ecobust expands and breaks rock or concrete will depend on both the ambient temperature and core temperature of the material breaking. Results are typically seen in 2 to 8 hours, and can sometimes take up 24 hours in colder weather. We recommend providing 24 hours for best results. Contact us to learn more.

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