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PROJECT MAKEUP: Concrete staircase @35Mpa, reinforced with 20mm stirrups and 14 gauge wire mesh.Bottom stairs and landing was solid concrete to 2.5' thick.

PROJECT MAKEUP :using conventional methods of demolition, namely jack hammering, it is estimated that this project would take a 2-man crew three days (8hrs per day) to completely jack hammer the staircase and landings. It would take another 2-man crew a full day to remove the rubble and clean up.

Estimated cost for project (conventional method):

2 man crew x 8 hours x 3 days @ $20/hr $ 960.00
185 CFM Compressor (Rental) $ 285.00
60lbs breaker x 2 x 3 days @ $30/day (Rental) $ 198.00
300 ft air hose (Rental) $ 50.00
Fuel $30/day x 3 $ 90.00
Total Cost: $ 1,583.00

ECOBUST METHOD :using Ecobust to demolish these stairs and landing took a 2 man crew, 2 hours to drill the required holes to completely demolish the structure, 30 minutes to mix and pour the product into the holes, and another 2 hours the following day to pull the structure down. The entire project took a 2 man crew a total of 4.5 hours to complete over a 2 day period. The pieces are larger when using Ecobust making it more manageable verses the rubble jack hammering creates. It took the 2 man crew only 3.5 hours to remove the demolished pieces and clean up creating a further savings in man hours of $120.00 over conventional methods.

Estimated cost for project (ECOBUST method):

2 man crew x 4.5 hours @ $20/hr $180.00
Rotary Hammer Drill x 2 (Rental) $ 80.00
1.5" diameter Drill Bit x 2 (Rental) $ 24.00
Pry bar x 2 $ 40.00
For Rebar: angle grinder & cutting disc (Rental) $ 30.00
Ecobust 1 box $149.00
Total Cost: $ 503.00
Total Savings: $1080.00

SUMMARY BENEFITS OF ECOBUST (using example of concrete staircase)

  • Saves Money: (total of $1080.00).
  • Reduces Labor Costs: total of 3 days in labor costs, based on 8 hrs labor time using Ecobust VS. 4 days using jack hammering).
  • Saves Time: total completion time using Ecobust 2 days, and 4 days using jack hammering).
  • Easy to Use:drilling holes is less labor intensive Vs. jack hammering).
  • Easy Removal: using Ecobust the concrete pieces are larger and more manageable Vs. concrete rubble with jack hammering).
  • No Vibration, No Dust, No Noise: Ecobust provides gentle and silent demolition).
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