• Naturally innovative

  • Environmentally Friendly

  • Non Explosive

  • No Noise or Vibrations

  • No Flying Rocks

  • Invovateur naturel

  • Doux pour l'environnement

  • Non-explosif

  • Sans bruit

  • Sans vibration

  • Sans projecttile

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About us

Ecobust USA Inc. distributes and supports the fastest, most powerful non-explosive demolition agent for breaking rock or concrete.

Through our distribution and retail centers we provide a safe, environmentally friendly, non-toxic chemical compound that is simple to use and breaks all forms of rock and concrete.

Launched in North America in 2009 Ecobust’s core values are Innovation and Environment. We understand that in many situations the environment suffers as a result of conventional demolition processes. And it’s not simply the dust and debris that impacts the environment. Noise, toxic fumes and concussive impact make many demolition projects difficult to impossible to complete. Creating the solution to these issues is a source of pride and satisfaction and that’s what makes Ecobust Naturally Innovative!

Another source of pride for us is our technical support. From suggested hole patterns and consumption rates generated from our website to free one-on-one consultations, we provide real and useful product support in a fast, friendly and professional manner. If you have questions, ask!

Our factory provides the highest quality, most consistent product so you can be confident that the product will work the same each time you use it. We believe in this so strongly that we back it with a guarantee – if you follow the instructions and it doesn’t work we will replace your product Free of Charge!

For your next project, whether big or small, contact us or your local dealer and we will be happy to assist you in determining the suitability of Ecobust and the proper application of.

Ecobust is not right for every job and will never replace blasting or concussive demolition but when safety, access and environment are a concern… When there’s no solution – There’s Ecobust!

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